Visiting The Greenway

Welcome to the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a mile-and-a-half of contemporary parks in the heart of Boston. The Greenway, a roof garden atop a highway tunnel, connects people and the city with beauty and fun.

General Park Information

  • The Greenway is easily accessible by public transportation, walking, biking, and car. 
  • The Greenway does not have exact street addresses that make it easy to plug into GPS. Please read below for information on visiting us.
  • The Greenway Conservancy office is located at 185 Kneeland Street, Boston, MA, 02130 (10 minute walk from the park).
  • Other key information for visiting the park can be found in the menu at left. 
  • We can best be reached at the contacts on our Connect page.


The park is open from 7A to 11P every day.

Maps & Directions

We have now developed an interactive Google Map to help you travel to The Greenway and enjoy a visit to the park.

The interactive map provides the option to turn on/off layers specific to your visit: Public Art Installations, Greenway Attractions, Greenway Fountains, Historical Sites, Public Transit & Bike Sharing Stations, Greenway Food Truck Vending Locations, and Public Restroom Locations.

Below are downloadable, Greenway-specific maps for the full Greenway and each of our parks:

Several public transit stations are located near The Greenway. You can most easily reach us from the following:

  • Commuter Rail: South Station (exit to Dewey Square) or North Station (walk south towards Haymarket)
  • Silver Line: South Station 
  • Red Line: South Station 
  • Green Line: Haymarket
  • Orange Line: Haymarket or Chinatown
  • Blue Line: Aquarium
  • Bus: South Station (walk north to Dewey Square or west to Chinatown) or Haymarket

Parking Information

There is no public parking on The Greenway itself. There are meters along Atlantic Avenue in several adjoining locations. For garage parking options, refer to the parking map on the right. Parking options include:

    • A - Harbor Garage - Entrance on Milk Street.
    • B - Rowes Wharf Garage - Entrance corner of Atlantic and High St.
    • C - Standard Parking - Entrance at 5 Broad St.
    • D - Worldwide Parking Associates - Entrance at 20 Clinton St.
    • E - International Place Garage - Entrance at 55 Purchase St.
    • F - 125 High St. - Entrance at 115 Purchase St.

Bicycle Information

  • We encourage biking to The Greenway, but please keep it to the streets. You’ll find bike lanes on both Atlantic Avenue (northbound) and Surface Road (southbound) along the length of The Greenway. 
  • Hubway bike sharing stations are located seasonally in six locations along The Greewnay to pick-up or drop-off a shared bike.   
  • For pedestrian safety, biking, skating, skateboarding, and Segways are not permitted in the park.
  • There are numerous bike racks along The Greenway, both on and off the park. If planning to visit The Greenway, please plan to use one of these provided racks. Bicycles should NEVER be locked to trees, benches or other park infrastructure and will be removed by staff.


The Greenway is committed to being accessible to everyone and reflects contemporary, universal design principles. The Greenway -- a rooftop garden above a highway tunnel -- blends seamlessly into the surrounding city and sits at-grade with adjoining streets and neighborhoods. Features throughout the park are easily accessed, including our fountains, lawns, benches and tables. 

Additionally, the Greenway Carousel at the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove is considered New England's most accessible carousel for adults and youth with physical or auditory disabilities. 

Park Rules

  • For pedestrian safety, biking, skateboarding, skating, and Segways are not permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited on The Greenway.
  • Dogs are welcome but should be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.
  • Park activities cannot limit or obstruct general public use.
  • Respect park garden bed, artwork, structures and trees.
  • Events with equipment, setups, or amplified sound must have a written permit from the Greenway Conservancy and the City of Boston.

For a full list of Park Rules, please read our Park Use Guidelines.

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