Plant Records Assistant

Position Overview

The Greenway Conservancy is committed to sustainability and education. Thanks to the support from Plant Records Assistant Volunteers we are able to collect and maintain our plant records to a high standard.  We are looking for people who love gardens and plants and want to gain valuable experience and knowledge of our plant records and organic maintenance structure.  This involves a weekly visit observing the plants flowering stages and submitting your records monthly in a timely manner. We’re flexible and accommodating to your time so look forward to a mix of collaborative work and/or autonomous, independent work. 


Responsibilities of the Plant Records Assistant are shared among several volunteers based on individual skills and interests and may include:

  • Phenology Data Collection: recording the flowering time, fruit production, and seasonal changes of the plants on The Greenway
  • Verification: assisting Horticulture staff with the inventorying of plants through field verification and plant counts in the parks
  • Plant Records Management: entering information into our inventory and database using Microsoft Excel; this data contributes to maintaining our maps, signage, records, and, over time, even global climate change data collection systems

There may also be opportunities to assist our staff in special projects in Horticulture.  


  • Interest and/or experience in horticulture or botany.
  • All volunteers must complete a short orientation as well as meet with the Horticulture staff to begin and get input on projects.
  • Must have email and internet access, as this will be the primary means of scheduling and communication.

Other requirements based on assignments include:

  • Familiarity with plants, plant I.D. and botanical nomenclature.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel.
  • Experience with database management.
  • Detailed, careful approach and interest in learning more about plant records.


  • Gain knowledge of Greenway plant collections and valuable experience contributing to plant records databases for a diversely cultivated public park.
  • Work with a talented and knowledgeable group of professionals and contribute to the advancement of our plant records.
  • Participate in the benefits of the Greenway volunteer program and receive special offers as volunteer hours accumulate, such as an invitation to our annual Volunteer picnic, a t-shirt, and other training and event opportunities.
  • Opportunity to gain college credit and/or fulfill community service requirements, when applicable.


This is a flexible volunteer assignment reporting to Greenway Horticulture staff. Volunteers will work with us to determine schedules and structure of experiences that best benefit both parties. Please note that our Horticulture staff works Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm. 

Phenology assistants will be expected to complete their work assignments weekly, preferably at the same time of week as decided by staff. Volunteers must have the ability to copy, update and exchange Excel files on their own computers and via email or dropbox. We ask volunteers for these assignments to contribute at least 1-3 hours per week.

Plant records verification work is dependent on the plants being visible, and in a state of growth that is clearly recognizable, possibly in bloom. This work will be manually recorded in the park. Scheduling is flexible and will be arranged as assignments are made. This can be arranged as a one-time commitment or an ongoing contribution to our Plant Records verification. In most cases good plant ID skills are essential.

Database input and Plant Records research is detail oriented, computer-based work that would occur from home. Knowledge of botanical nomenclature is helpful, and in some instances, required. A commitment to detail and accuracy is a necessity.

Application Process

Positions on this Volunteer Team are limited. We are currently recruiting phenology volunteers to work April through October 2021. To apply, please fill out the online general volunteer application.