Winter Optics: Lights on The Greenway

11, Nov, 2022

The Greenway Conservancy is delighted to announce a partnership with Yolanda He Yang, Timothy Kadish, and Ross Miller for the 2022- 2023 Greenway Winter Lights Installation.   

This tremendous trio brings 75 years of experience in custom, site-specific projects inspired by light. A series of installations, named Winter Optics, will brighten up different areas of The Greenway between November and March. Collaborating with this local team is an exciting way for The Greenway to support the larger ecosystem of Boston during the darker winter months that lay ahead. 

 “Our primary focus is on a continuous light touch,” the team reflects. “We are interested in a subtlety of influence… a winter wonder if you will. Our visual language includes three primary variations called Ribbons, Sparks and Beacons. Each of these expressions commune with the natural setting of The Greenway, but also carry on conversations with one another. Working with existing light, we seek to recycle light into sparks of color and atmospheric shimmers via a refractive holographic medium. Thoughtful use of flexible low-voltage LED sources shaped by simple, safe and durable structures allow the eye to trace light patterns within vegetated areas and into the distance. Essentially, we intend to illuminate The Greenway in a sustainable, playful, intimate and memorable way through curated moments of delicate wonder.”

Production team: Natalie Reed, Will Weygint, Gina Bates, Alec Orzell

As part of the fabrication process, the artists have created a series of community workshops to engage the public. The first two workshops occurred at the East Boston Public Library and Field Corner Library. 

The Greenway Conservancy is excited to showcase the creative work and vision of Yolanda He Yang, Timothy Kadish, and Ross Miller this year. Come check out the lighting installation in five different locations on The Greenway. The Greenway 2022-2023 Winter Lights Installation is funded and supported by The Greenway Business Improvement District (BID) and the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau.