Transition, 2018


  • Luftwerk’s artwork titled Transition traces a portion of the Greenway path as it shines a light—both literally and metaphorically—on this connective artery in the city. Celebrating the green layer that reunites the neighborhoods once divided by the freeway, it nods to the now buried thoroughfare of Interstate 93 below.

    Transition takes its inspiration from the I-93 tunnel system lights and the history of the Big Dig. A series of meandering wire frames shine a tunnel of light along the path in the park. Unlike the elevated highway that once divided the city, Transition welcomes and invites connectivity, allowing for access as a procession through and on the path. Illuminating the Rose Kennedy Greenway and its importance to connectivity and growth in the city, it celebrates the green space that has reunited the neighborhoods that were once divided.

    Materials: Galvanized steel frames, LED lighting

  • Luftwerk explores light, color, and perception in immersive, experience-based installations. Focused on the context of a site for each project, Luftwerk uses new and emerging media to apply their own interpretive layer, integrating the physical structure, historical context, and embedded information into each piece. Since founding in 2007, Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero have amassed a significant body of work ranging from site-specific, immersive installations to experimental projects that interpret data.