Coming soon! The Carolyn Lynch Garden on The Greenway

26, Mar, 2018 Gavin Damore


The Lynch Foundation has generously supported the renovation of our boxwood garden bed in the North End, and endowed its care. The project is in honor of Carolyn Lynch, an avid gardener, who passed away in 2015.


A continuation of our Northern Boxwood Bed Renovations in 2015, this new space will feature a unique combination of formal shrubs and colorful perennials with informal sweeps of ornamental grasses and native plants, providing four seasons of interest. Carolyn Lynch’s passionate interest in uncommon plants and the beauty of the natural world is reflected in the vibrant palette of this garden’s design.

In an effort to eradicate the invasive plant vetch, the garden will undergo a fallow period of about a month in the midst of construction.

fal•low – The act of plowing land and leaving it unplanted

The original garden failed due to installation issues and the invasive species, vetch, that choked out flowering plants. After removing the old plant material, we are leaving the beds undisturbed for four weeks. We will monitor the soil for new vetch growth so that we can be confident the new plantings will have a healthy, vetch-free environment to grow in.

We can’t wait to open this new space for the public in Summer 2018!