‘MAY THIS NEVER END’ receives Americans for the Arts’ Year in Review Award

12, Jul, 2017 Gavin Damore

The Greenway Conservancy is pleased to announce we have received our fourth prestigious annual award from the Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network Year in Review. Matthew Hoffman’s MAY THIS NEVER END, commissioned by the Conservancy and exhibited from January 2016 to April 2017, was recognized as among the best artworks in the country for 2016.



Hoffman’s textual artwork, made of bright yellow high density polyethylene, was attached to a fence on Greenway Parcel 12, near Faneuil Hall and the North End Parks. The 4’ x 319’ artwork read, “Nothing’s for keeps. Except that we must keep going. You’ll spend your entire life searching, ok? We all want to belong. So let’s all get along. Make the most, and hope. May this never end.” Matthew Hoffman, a Chicago-based artist and designer, is the Custodian of “You Are Beautiful,” a project to better the world in little ways.

The Conservancy has previously won three other awards from Americans for the Arts for commissioned artworks. The mural on the Greenway Wall at Dewey Square by Brazilian twins Os Gemeos, The Giant of Boston, was recognized for 2012.  Shinique Smith’s 2014 mural on the Greenway Wall, Seven Moon Junction, also won the prestigious award. Last year, Kyu Seok Oh’s Wandering Sheep sculpture in the Greenway’s Chinatown Park was named one of the best public art projects of 2015.

“I’m delighted that our public art program continues to receive national recognition and offer congratulations to Matthew,” said Lucas Cowan, Public Art Curator for the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. “We appreciate the private funding support we receive to commission these innovative artworks.”

Photo courtesy of Matt Conti

Photo courtesy of Matt Conti

Hoffman’s work was chosen, along with 49 other outstanding public arts projects created in 2016, by a jury from 325 entries. The roster of winning projects was unveiled at Americans for the Arts’ 2017 Annual Convention in San Francisco. The art works selected for the Public Art Network Year in Review can be seen on this here.

'The Meeting House' by Mark Reigelman, 2017

‘The Meeting House’ by Mark Reigelman, 2017

Currently on exhibit on The Greenway are five contemporary artworks, with more set for installation this summer. Chris Templeman’s Make and Take is producing 3D roosters in Chinatown Park. Kawandeep Virdee’s mural Pink Lines as Concentric Arches on Yellow (Boston Bloom) is in Lincoln Street Triangle. Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s Spaces Of Hope mural is on The Greenway Wall at Dewey Square Park. Mark Reigelman’s The Meeting House is near Oliver Street on the Greenway. Meredith James’ Far from this setting in which I now find myself is near Hanover Street. Additional works will be installed this summer as part of The Greenway’s 2017 Playful Perspectives art exhibit.