Currently on The Greenway

Shara Hughes

Shara Hughes’ imaginary landscapes plunge viewers into boldly colored, hallucinatory spaces. Here, sweeping trails of paint frame views of a dramatic waterfall, carved rock formations, and a winding river. 


Eight historic neon signs from local businesses c.1925-1970 that served as iconic landmarks throughout the communities of Massachusetts.


Luftwerk’s artwork titled Transition traces a portion of the Greenway path as it shines a light—both literally and metaphorically—on this connective artery in the city.

Risa Puno

Year of the Dog celebrates the characteristics of the current Chinese zodiac animal and honors the collective memory and experiences of the Chinatown community.

Mia Cross

Located in our Lincoln Street Triangle, We the People II serves as a visual connection between members of the Chinatown and Leather District community.

Aakash Nihalani

Using a variety of mediums from masking tape to metal, Aakash Nihalani creates minimalist geometric forms on two-dimensional planes that simulate three-dimensional interactive experiences.

Design Biennial Boston

Design Biennial Boston recognizes emerging architects, landscape architects, and designers who have created inspiring and innovative practices in New England, commissioning a series of installations that engage the public with imaginative ideas.

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