Daily 2015 Schedule

Winter Vending -  Food Trucks will continue to operate on the Greenway in selected locations through March 31st, 2015. 

Our new food vending year will be begin April 1, 2015, concurrent with the City of Boston's program.  We will be adding selected food trucks in specific locations between now and March 31st.

Location (Jan, Feb, Mar, as of 5-Jan-15)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dewey Square Park (Plaza area) Dining Car Clover Stoked Pizza Clover Mei Mei Street Kitchen
  Bon Me Bon Me Bon Me Bon Me Bon Me
  Roxy's Grilled Cheese   Mei Mei Street Kitchen  Posto Roxy's Grilled Cheese
  Moyzilla    The Bacon Truck    
Dewey Square Park at Congress Street  Momogoose  Momogoose  Momogoose  Momogoose  Momogoose
   Chicken & Rice Guys  Dining Car  Zinneken's   Dining Car  Pennypackers
     Tenoch    Tenoch  
 Chinatown Park    Chicken & Rice Guys Chicken & Rice Guys   Chicken & Rice Guys  
Rowes Wharf Plaza at High Street  Chicken & Rice Guys    Bon Me   Bon Me
           Baja Taco Truck 
            Stoked Pizza

 Rings Fountain

at Milk Street