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Discover innovative and contemporary art on the Greenway through free, temporary exhibitions. The art is always changing so come back to see what’s new!

Current Exhibitions

A TRANSLATION FROM ONE LANGUAGE TO ANOTHER – The Conservancy, in partnership with the MIT List Visual Arts Center, has commissioned a new temporary mural by internationally acclaimed artist Lawrence Weiner for the Greenway Wall this fall. For more information, visit our Lawrence Weiner mural page. The mural will be on display through August 2016.

MAY THIS NEVER END –  The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy has commissioned a new temporary artwork by Chicago-based artist and designer Matthew Hoffman. Located on The Greenway between North and Clinton streets near Faneuil Hall, the 4-foot x 319-foot artwork, made of bright yellow high density polyethylene, reads: “Nothing’s for keeps. Except that we must keep going. You’ll spend your entire life searching, ok? We all want to belong. So let’s all get along. Make the most, and hope. May this never end.” 

Gesture III: One Great Turning The Conservancy commissioned Shinique Smith, the artist behind The Greenway's third Greenway Wall mural (Seven Moon Junction), to create a new performance work. Filmed in Dewey Square Park in 2015 combining drone and ground videography, the digital video performance can be viewed here.

Design Biennial Boston – One of the four winners of the Design Biennial Boston 2015  (see below) remains on The Greenway across from Rowes Wharf Plaza and the Boston Harbor Hotel. The remaining installation is by the MASS Design Group and is a lattice-like structure composed of more than a thousand wood and metal components to create an intimate gathering space. The Biennial is sponsored by pinkcomma gallery, BSA Space, the Boston Art Commission, and the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics.

Recent Past Exhibitions

As If It Were Already Here - The Greenway commissioned world-renowned, local artist Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture, As If It Were Already Here, to float above the park from May 3 to October 25 2015. The project was presented by the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation, with support from numerous others.  Read our announcement or visit our Janet Echelman sculpture page.

Design Biennial Boston – The four winners of the Design Biennial Boston 2015 were featured on The Greenway during the summer of 2015. The Biennial is a program that foregrounds emerging architects, landscape architects, and designers who have created inspiring and innovative practices in Massachusetts. Four firms—Cristina Parreño Architecture, GLD, Landing Studio, and MASS Design Group—were selected by a distinguished jury. Their works included a seventeen-foot-high landmark that performed as an urban periscope constructed of 350 custom-fabricated glass blocks, a series of chambers enclosed by resin-infused fiberglass that formed a surprising collective interior space, a field of eighteen reconstituted wharf pilings recycled from a shipyard in Boston Harbor, and a lattice-like structure composed of more than a thousand wood and metal components to create an intimate gathering space. Sponsored by pinkcomma gallery, BSA Space, the Boston Art Commission, and the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics.

The Fence – A photo exhibition, located between Armenian Heritage Park and the North End, brought to you as part of the Flash Forward Festival by the Magenta Foundation, Photoville NYC, and MassDOT.

Wandering Sheep (Closed October 8, 2015) – Korean born, New York based artist Kyu Seok Oh created Wandering Sheep at the Red Gate in Chinatown Park (corner of Essex St and Surface Road). This was the first of a series of exhibits based on the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Commissioned with support from Radian.

Shinique Smith, Seven Moon Junction (Closed September 10, 2015) - The Greenway Conservancy partnered with the Museum of Fine Arts to commission the third Greenway Wall mural at Dewey Square Park. Seven Moons (2013)—which serves as inspiration for Smith’s Seven Moon Junction Greenway Wall mural—is centered by a constellation of fabrics patterned with bursting fireworks and flowers. The work features a disposable coffee cup lid whose black form suggests the abstracted face of traditional African masks. Such subtle suggestions of ritual—at the personal, social or cosmic levels—reflect Smith’s broader interest in the ways different cultures seek to harness and direct energy.

Matthew Ritchie, Remanence: Salt and Light  (Closed August 25, 2014)
The Greenway Conservancy partnered with ICA/Boston to commission the second Greenway Wall mural in Dewey Square Park.  Matthew Ritchie’s work draws inspiration from Boston’s history and waterfront location, and features a unique digital component with music by Bryce Dessner (The National) and a short film by the artist, accessible by all wireless devices.

Flash Forward Festival - Temporary Galleries

During the month of May 2014, we hosted three temporary shipping container galleries with three Flash Forward Festival exhibitions, including I am Wale, Respect Me, Seekers and Take Me There.  Due to delays in printing the Fence, we'll be open on Friday, May 2nd.  More info on the Flash Forward Festival website.

The Fence
The Flash Forward Festival together with PhotovilleNYC produced the FENCE, an outdoor exhibition of photography, located on the ramp parcel between Armenian Heritage Park to the south and the North End Parks to the North.  We've hosted two different editions, one in 2013 and one in 2014.

Os Gemeos mural
From August 1 – November 25, 2012, the Institute of Contemporary Art presented the first solo exhibition in the United States of Brazilian twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. The Rose Kennedy Greenway partnered with the ICA as a site for an accompanying public mural at Dewey Square Park. The exhibited mural was on display through September 2013.

More Past Exhibitions

Permanent Installations

Harbor Fog
By Boston artist, Ross Miller features three vertical stainless steel sculptural beacons, inspired by Boston Harbor navigational buoys, billows of fog, LEDs, and a sound system, are surrounded by recycled granite seawall stones placed in the shape of a boat.  Harbor Fog is located in the Wharf District Parks and is motion sensitive to people who walk by, or children playing, all of which activate the unique sculpture, and make it a great place to both play and relax on warm days.

The Abstract Sculpture, located in Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway, is a split dodecahedron mounted on a reflecting pool, represents the immigrant experience. Annually, the two halves are reconfigured symbolic of all who pulled away from their country of origin and came to the Massachusetts shores, establishing themselves in new and different ways. The water of the Reflecting Pool wash over its sides and re-emerge as a single jet of water at the center of the Labyrinth, representing hope and rebirth. The Sculpture is dedicated to lives lost during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and all genocides that have followed.

The Labyrinth, located in Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway, is a circular winding path paved in granite and set in lawn, celebrates life's journey. A single jet of water and the symbol of eternity mark its center. Art, Service, Science and Commerce are etched around its circle in tribute to accomplishments and contributions made to American life and culture.

Public Art Strategy

The Greenway Conservancy recently completed the planning process for a Five Year Public Art Strategy. Learn more about the process and our plans for public art on the Greenway.

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