Waterway/ Lightway/Greenway, 2019

Peter DiMuro, Public Displays of Motion

  • For The Greenway’s 10th anniversary, the Greenway Conservancy commissioned celebrated choreographer Peter DiMuro to create site-specific, free dance performances. The signature Rings Fountain, renovated and upgraded for the 10th anniversary, was the dramatic setting for the October 5 & 17 performances during “Greenway Week.”

    Waterway/Lightway/Greenway by Peter DiMuro of Public Displays of Motion consists of ~30 professional and community dancers, aged 14 – 75. The piece was inspired by the history of The Greenway and included a procession through the green space and dancing in and around the Rings Fountain.



  • Waterway/Lightway/Greenway
    commissioned by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
    premier October 5, 2019
    Rings Fountain on The Greenway, Boston

    Peter DiMuro

    Nate Tucker

    costume design
    Albulena Borovci

    additional choreography
    Kara Fili
    Lonnie Stanton
    Kristin Wagner
    J Michael Winward


    performance/movement contributions of core collaborators of Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion
    Lindsay Caddle LaPointe
    Kara Fili
    Ann Fonte
    James O’Gilvie
    Lonnie Stanton
    Kristin Wagner
    J Michael Winward

    guest performance/movement contributions of collaborators
    Shannon Humphries
    Rachel Linsky
    Frederick Moss
    Mary Teuscher
    Dean Vollick

    guest performance/collaborators from the greater community
    Jim Banta
    Olivia Bedard
    Maija Blomquist
    Nicole Bussard
    Avery Carangelo
    Izzy Fitzsimmons-Brann
    Barbara Golder
    Deborah Gregson
    Brooke Hugot
    Jin Ji
    Eva Kauffman
    Mindy Koyanis
    Aliza Krefetz
    Gail Leichtman
    Jenny McBride
    Caroline McQuade
    Lauren O’Neal
    Hilda Polcari
    Kami Rheault
    Lainne Rheault
    Sandra Simpson
    Helen Singh-Miller
    Catherine Skinner
    Delaney Smith

    music performance
    Nate Tucker
    Anthony Leva

    sound mixing
    Bart Benoit

    with gratitude to
    The School of Classical Ballet
    Free Form Dance Academy
    The Dance Complex
    Gary Dunning