Momentum Greenway Dance Program, Presented by Amazon, 2023

Curators: Keelin Caldwell, Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, and Peter DiMuro, Choreographer & Director
Producer: Georgia Lyman
Music & Sound Director: Nate Tucker

This fall, the Greenway Conservancy is partnering with acclaimed choreographer Peter DiMuro and four local dance companies to bring you Momentum, a free outdoor dance series open to all. Presented by Amazon, Momentum is a moving tribute to Boston’s rich heritage. Enjoy five days of contemporary dance, at four locations throughout The Greenway.

For this new, site-responsive dance series, Continuum Dance Project, Jean Appolon Expressions, Public Displays of Motion, and Vimoksha Dance Company were selected for a year-long development process that includes workshops with guest artists, peer critical response, rehearsal space, mentorship, public work-in-progress performances, and documentation. Each choreographer has selected a portion of the 1.5-mile-long Greenway on which to base their work. Enjoy the stories of our shared spaces.  

Saturday 9/9: Vimoksha Dance Company, Salt Soaked
11a and 3p, The Greenway at Rowes Wharf Plaza, RSVP here

*RAIN DATE* Sunday 9/17: Public Displays of Motion, Passeggiata: A Stroll With Sinners and Saints
11a and 3p, The Greenway at the Carolyn Lynch Garden, RSVP here

*CANCELLED* Sunday 9/24: Jean Appolon Expressions, Popouri
11a and 3p, The Greenway at Armenian Heritage Park, RSVP here

*RAIN DATE* Sunday 10/1: Continuum Dance Project, Becoming Water
11a and 3p, The Greenway at Auntie Kay & Uncle Frank Chin Park, programmed in conjunction with Pao Arts Center’s Experience Chinatown Arts Festival, RSVP here

*RAIN DATE* Sunday 10/8: Momentum Dance Festival, RSVP here

  • 11-11:30a, Continuum Dance Project at Auntie Kay & Uncle Frank Chin Park, Becoming Water
  • 12:30-1p: Vimoksha Dance Company at Rowes Wharf Plaza, Salt Soaked
  • 1:30-2p: Jean Appolon Expressions at Armenian Heritage Park, Popouri
  • 2:30-3p: Public Displays of Motion at Carolyn Lynch Garden, Passeggiata: A Stroll With Sinners and Saints

All performances are approximately 30 minutes and have rain dates on the Sunday after and are weather dependent.

Photo credits: Continuum Dance Project by Annielly Camargo, Vimoksha Dance Company by Olivia Moon Photography, Jean Appolon Expressions by Olivia Moon Photography, and Public Displays of Motion by Anthony Retournard

  • Becoming Water

    Choreographers: Fernadina Chan & Adriane Brayton in collaboration with the performers

    Dancers: Gabriela M. Amy-Moreno, Adriane Brayton, Oliver Burns IV, Jess Chang, Hoang-Anh (Ashley) Eng, Aliza Franz, Sasha Peterson

    Community Dancers: Elementary school students from Kwong Kow Chinese School

    Musicians: Elaine Fong, Taiko Drum; Charles Murrel III, Saxophone & Flute

    Research Primary Source: Cynthia Yee, Author of “Hudson Street Chronicles” 

    Continuum Dance Project (CDP), led by choreographers/co-directors Adriane Brayton and Fernadina Chan, has created its newest work Becoming Water in the Auntie Kay & Uncle Frank Chin Park on The Rose Kennedy Greenway. Focusing on the Boston Chinatown community, the company has utilized imagery from Cynthia Yee’s ‘Hudson Street Chronicles’ to create a work that honors the experiences of the people of Chinatown, while celebrating their resilient spirit. Exploring the element water as thematic inspiration, the work strives to illuminate the authentic voice of the residents displaced by urban renewal and share their adaptability and toughness. Becoming Water reflects on the universal themes of Love, Family, Food, Work, Struggle, and Community while engaging with the history and geography of Boston’s Chinatown.

    CDP is a Boston-based dance company focused on creating site-specific work, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and reflecting the backgrounds of our collaborating artists. Founded in 2013 by Fernadina Chan, CDP choreographers/co-directors Adriane Brayton and Fernadina Chan work collaboratively with their dancers. In 2022 Continuum Dance Project received The Boston Dancemakers Residency, made possible with support from the Aliad Fund at The Boston Foundation, and an AiR Residency at Somerville Arts Council’s ArtAssembled. CDP is a 2022 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship Finalist in Choreography, and received a 2020 Live Arts Boston grant from the Boston Foundation. Continuum Dance Project pushes the boundaries of audience interaction and traditional vantage points, by presenting work in unconventional spaces.

  • Popouri

    Founder and Artistic Director: Jean Appolon

    Dancers: IJ Chan, Velouse Joseph, Meg McGrath, Lonnie Stanton, Mcebisi Xotyeni

    Musicians: Val Jeanty, Arnaud Lauture, Josil Rebert

    Research Assistance from the Armenian Heritage Park Foundation

    Jean Appolon truly sees the similarities between the immigrant trauma experiences by both Haitians and Armenians, especially here at this site, Armenian Heritage Park. Trauma is very universal, as well as how we can collectively heal. Often, countries have some kind of traditional, folkloric dance and practice and often these dances are ignored. This work, Popouri, is helping to bring light to this type of folkloric tradition and identity, while uplifting how it can support the healing process. JAE’s movement style is grounded in accessibility and aims to inspire audiences to move and breathe together.

    Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE) is a contemporary dance company deeply rooted in Haitian-folkloric culture that nurtures a global community through professional performances, educational opportunities, dance training, and the joy of movement for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. JAE shares the liberating power of Haitian-folkloric dance to cultivate hope and healing toward a more expressive and socially just world. Based in Boston and directed by Jean Appolon, JAE’s professional company conducts performances, community classes, and educational workshops, with the goal of using dance and dialogue to promote healthy communities and speak to topics of social justice. The Haitian contemporary dance company combines Modern technique and Haitian folkloric dance, bringing a new artistic vernacular to its audiences. With its dynamic repertoire, JAE educates audiences about Haitian culture, traditions, history, and current issues. 

    The company has performed both at major venues such as Jacob’s Pillow, Boston’s Paramount Center, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the ICA, The Silver Spring Civic Building, and in city parks and community spaces in free performances accessible to the public. JAE has also performed at many schools and colleges, including American University, Harvard University, Lesley University, Salem State, Bridgewater State, and Wheaton College. The company has been fortunate to share the stage with celebrities such as Danny Glover, Henry Louis Gates, and Edwidge Danticat, and to collaborate with community partners around the greater Boston area.

  • Passeggiata: A Stroll With Sinners and Saints

    Concept, Direction and Choreography: Peter DiMuro
    Movement/Choreography/Additional Direction: PDM Core Collaborators
    PDM Core Collaborators: Ann Brown Allen, Gabriela M. Amy-Moreno, Kara Filli, Ann Fonte, Tony Guglietti, Caitlin Klinger, Lindsay Caddle LaPointe, Kris Lenzo, Irene Lutts, Sean Pfeiffer, Elver Ariza Silva, Lonnie Anela O’kalani Neff Stanton, Kristin Wagner
    Community Guests: Senora Cha-Cha Epps, Barbara Golder, Consetta Hughes, Marshall Hughes, Jennifer Lin, Eliza Mallouk (Community Guest Rehearsal Director), Sandra Simpson, Margaux A.Skalecki, Linda Spencer, Anne Ryan
    All performing contribute personal histories and movement to the content of the work –
    Composer/Multi-Instrumental: Nate Tucker
    Upright Bass: Anthony Leva
    Recording Engineer: Dani Abugattas
    Research Contributor: Jason Aluia

    Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion has woven a metaphoric response to Italian North End’s heritage, conjuring up some myths- old and newly created- about our ancestors, celebrating the saints and sinners of our lineage. The performance occurs in two parts designed to elicit a smile or two, and a yearning for an Italian pastry: first, an installation of saints waiting for their parade and second, a procession in search of its festival.

    For 30+ years, DiMuro has woven a career as a dancer, actor, choreographer, director, teacher, and facilitator of creativity. He was Artistic Director of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange 2003-2008, a White House Millennial Artist, and a Mayor of Boston/ProArts Arts Award recipient. His work has received support from the NEA, National Performance Network, the Mass Artists’ Foundation, Mass Cultural Council, and MetLife Foundation. DiMuro was a member of the inaugural cohort of the Mayor of Boston’s Artist-in-Residence program in 2015, the recipient of an Arts Fuse Award in 2016, and the 2018 inaugural choreographer-in-residence at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. DiMuro is currently focused on physically embodying public art by creating dance in and for public spaces. His work creates platforms for the often invisible histories of our shared spaces, allowing the viewer to see and move through places differently. Public Displays of Motion is a dance company under the creative umbrella of DiMuro that develops and performs artistic works in dance and dance/theatre that translate the poetic and humane within everyday lives into performance; they will be one of the four companies involved in this project.

  • Salt Soaked

    Choreographer/Director: Chavi Bansal
    Dancers: Cassie Wang, Claire Lane, Kristin Wagner, Aliza Franz, Hannah Franz, Carmen Rizzo, Elizabeth Epsen
    Music Composer: Inga Chinilina
    Music: Tatar Folk Song Tugan Tel (Mother Tongue), lyrics by Gabdulla Tukay performed by Adeliia Faizullina
    Research Contributor: Liz Nelson Weaver

    This work delves into immigration’s stories, portraying struggles and aspirations for a new start. It vividly portrays the uphill battles of those seeking a fresh beginning while grappling with a sense of limbo – a constant push against an immovable force, a feeling of being trapped without control or the ability to move forward. The streets reveal the unwavering determination of immigrants, leaving a lasting imprint on the ground they walk upon. The historic Rowes Wharf on the left, a symbol of trade and arrivals, silently tells the tale of the many people who came seeking safety and a better life in faraway lands.

    Inspired by Chavi Bansal’s immigrant story, reflecting “Desde Que Llegaste, Mi Corazón Dejó de Pertenecerme” by Erin Semine Kökdil, The New Yorker Documentary

    Chavi Bansal is the founder and choreographer for Vimoksha Dance Company. Vimoksha’s mission is to bring the healing power of movement to different communities to empower, inspire and connect people. For this purpose, the company runs various Movement and Wellness programs in other community centers, schools, and art institutes across Boston. Vimoksha has performed internationally bringing high-quality productions to audiences across the globe. Vimoksha’s artistic Practice is rooted in Indian martial arts (Kalaripayatt), Modern dance, Yoga, and Meditation.  At its heart, regardless of the form, the practice is focused on three areas: self-inquiry, stillness, and connection. Started in The Netherlands in 2010 by Chavi Bansal, Vimoksha has found a home in Boston in 2014, with Boston-based dancers.

  • This series is made possible by presenting sponsor Amazon, with additional support from the Greenway Business Improvement District (BID), Meet Boston, and the National Endowment for the Arts.