Daniel Gordon on The Greenway, 2021

Blue Poppies

steel, stainless steel, powder coated and dye-sublimated aluminum, industrial paints

Still Life, 2020-2021

dye-sublimation print on aluminium

Still Life, 2016-2020

dye-sublimation print on aluminium

Summer Still Life with Lobsters and Fern, 2021



New Canvas

dye-sublimated fabric

  • Like generations of photographers before him, Daniel Gordon has been fascinated by the manipulation of imagery and the distortion of reality through his medium. Through the process of slicing, cutting, gluing, staging, arranging, and recycling, Gordon executes a shift from digital to analog—almost as though he were engaged in a physical form of Photoshop— and challenges the stability of the fixed image, opening up the possibility for new meanings to emerge. 

    Each composition comprises found images of objects that Gordon prints, constructs, and arranges in three-dimensional collages. Gordon has recently exhibited his sculptural props as artworks in their own right and has created whole environments with his collages. The exhibition pushes that practice further by spanning The Greenway in four bodies of bold new work. A presentation of Gordon’s most recent photographic still lifes grounds the collection, enhanced by his first-ever monumental mural, a set of tapestries, and the debut of his first outdoor large-scale sculpture. Interpreting his photographic process through numerous and distinct media, this exhibition creates meta-tensions between film photography, rigid surface, painterly brush strokes, and distinctly digital imagery. Revealing the artifice of his photographs and photography in general, Gordon’s work honors the very human tendency to create meaning that is simultaneously fiction and truth.

  • Daniel Gordon was born in Boston, raised in San Francisco, CA, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He holds a BA from Bard College and an MFA from Yale School of Art. Gordon has had many solo and group exhibitions internationally. He is the author of many books, most recently “Houseplants” (Aperture 2019).