Staff Spotlight: Jodi Wolin, Development Director

12, Nov, 2014 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

As the Greenway’s Development Director, Jodi oversees all private fundraising efforts for the Greenway Conservancy. In the sparse hours that she’s not devotedly working, she rocks it at hot yoga, hangs with her family, and enjoys living on the Greenway.


How did you come to the Greenway?

I had been fundraising in Boston for about 20 years; focused on issues around domestic violence and child abuse prevention. I had lived in the North End for 10 years, and was watching the Greenway transformation take place and what an amazing impact it was having on the city. I thought that the Greenway was about the coolest project ever and I wanted to be a part of it. Three years later, I’m still here!

As a North End resident, you must have seen it all!

Yes! I was one of the people getting dripped on as I walked under the highway to get home and I had to run through the tunnel to make sure I didn’t get mugged. So yes, it was a motivator in coming to support the Greenway!

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Pretty sure nobody misses this scene

Does that motivation help you during challenging times in your job?

It does. Fundraising is a difficult field, but I really like the role.  I’m a mission-driven fundraiser and I really believe in the mission here.

What are you working on right now?

We have some major initiatives for which we are actively fundraising! Currently we have a $500k challenge grant for the Greenway Echelman Project that we are working to raise the balance for to bring this amazing sculpture to Boston. This is going to be the biggest temporary public art piece in Boston’s history and will really be a catalyst for changing Boston’s public art landscape in the future.

We also have just finalized our Greenway Gala date which will take place on June 9th and we are thrilled to be honoring Goulston and Storrs for their incredible support of the Conservancy since – and even before – its founding!

In addition to those two major initiatives, we’re consistently working on fundraising to support our volunteer program, organic horticulture, and the Park Ranger programs. About 40% of support comes from the state and the remainder must be raised by the Greenway, so we’re always working on something!

jodi wolin and jesse brackenbury speaking with mayor walsh

Jodi and Jesse speaking with Mayor Walsh at the Greenway Gala, May 2014

Do you find that it’s easy or challenging to find people to support the Greenway?

Because the Conservancy’s Greenway Carousel project at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove was so successful, and was paid for 95% privately, our donors have trust and faith in our ability to execute a large-scale project on time and on budget. Our donors and the community are excited to get involved and help to make our future visions a reality.

What do people need to know about you and your role with the Greenway?

I genuinely love what I do and am very dedicated. And as someone that lives on the Greenway, not only do I work here, but it’s pretty much 24/7! I get to experience the park as a guest visitor as well as an employee. I also get the opportunity to meet all these incredible, generous, dedicated people who want to work with us to make the Greenway a world class park.

You have just been appointed to the Women’s Network Advisory Board at the Chamber of Commerce and serve as a mentor to young women new to the development field. What advice do you give them about fundraising? 

For those in the nonprofit sector, it’s critically important to be passionate about the mission. I don’t advise people to take a nonprofit job just to take a job. It’s very demanding work! But if you’re passionate about the mission and you are working for something that you truly believe in, nothing will stand in your way.

What’s your favorite event or time of year on the Greenway?

I love taking my niece to the North End fountains. The first time I took her was when she was three and she took off running, fully dressed into the fountains like a little maniac! She was screaming with delight and it was really nice to have a part in that joy.

Greenway - North End Park

North End Park

Thanks to Jodi for all her hard work!

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