Carolyn Lynch Garden

"I have an exuberant, colorful, and ever-changing assortment of plants. Each one a surprise."

                                                        – Carolyn Lynch 


The Carolyn Lynch Garden on The Greenway is designed with an array of bright colors, seasonal blooms and a rich diversity of textures, heights and personalities. The garden’s design is in keeping with the European-style of the original park design, including the boxwood hedges carried over from the adjacent park across Hanover Street. These formal influences are tempered with robust perennial and shrub plantings spilling to the edges of the boxwood.

Spring daffodils, alliums and species tulips are inspired by Carolyn’s tulip beds in Ireland, while thistle-like plants including Eryngium (Sea Holly) and Dipsacus (Teasel) were borrowed from her Massachusetts garden. Sequenced color drifts tie together the flowering shrubs, summer perennials and assorted fall fruits and seed pods. The southern side of the garden transitions into soft slopes of ornamental grasses. Deschampsia, Panicum, and Miscanthus combine with a scattering of tall perennials to createa gentle, moving meadow.

The Carolyn Lynch Garden on The Greenway was renovated and endowed with the generous support of The Lynch Foundation. The garden was dedicated in Summer 2018 to Carolyn Hoff Lynch, an avid gardener and a leading philanthropist, who passed away in 2015.

Organic Park Care

The Greenway is a contemporary public park in the heart of Boston. The Greenway Conservancy is the non-profit responsible for the management and care of The Greenway. The Conservancy is committed to using the best organic practices to manage The Greenway, creating a healthy and welcoming ecosystem that is sustainable for people and the environment.

2015 North End Improvements

The Carolyn Lynch Garden on The Greenway follows our 2015 North End Improvement Project, which replanted the boxwood garden on the other side of Hanover Street, among other renovations.

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