As We Rise, 2022

Wendy Yu, she/her

Commissioned by the Greenway Conservancy in 2022, As We Rise is a site-specific video installation featuring short bursts of freestyle-based street dance from 5 local dancers spanning multiple generations. Created in collaboration with artist Wendy Yu (Sydney, Australia), local street dance organization The Flavor Continues (Cambridge, MA) and projection artists ILLUMINUS (Boston, MA), the video installation was generated through a process of reciprocal creative exchange over a period of six months. Their artistic collaboration creates an innovative platform to share the intricate and complex –yet often overlooked– practices and traditions of street dance in new ways. 

Featuring lead dancers Jahmier Berry-Irvis, Sovathy Douer, Danny Guzman, Brian Lim, and Colleen Sayers, the digitally-designed video highlights the dancers’ movements as they interpret music in the moment and engage community techniques in ways that reflect their individual styles. By elevating dance in this abstract, large-scale, and digitally-designed way, Yu and her collaborators invite viewers to experience the incredible control and precision of dancers and their practices, as well as collectively reimagine the urban landscapes of downtown Boston.

This installation will run until December 1, 2023 and will be displayed from ~5:30p-10p each evening. It projected on the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s northern exterior wall, and is viewable from both The Greenway and along portions of Boston’s waterfront.