Corporate & Group Opportunities

Volunteering can be a great way to build teamwork, foster relationships, and give back to your community!  Throughout the year, we partner with corporate groups, schools, and nonprofits to accomplish horticulture projects that keep our parks looking beautiful. Specific details about our Group Volunteer Program and projects can be found online here - please refer to this information before submitting a request!

Our yearly calendar of group volunteer opportunities is now available! Once you've found an available date, please submit a group project request form and we will get back to you soon.

If you have any questions or would like to be on the direct distribution list for next year's group volunteer calendar, please contact us at or 617-603-7753.

Corporate Engagement Fee:
We ask all of our corporate and for-profit volunteer groups to assist the Conservancy in supporting our great program through a corporate engagement fee made in advance of their volunteer day. We remain deeply grateful for the work of our volunteer groups and this fee helps cover the costs of planning and executing our volunteer events and supports The Greenway parks.

For corporations who would like to bring up to 15 volunteers and share a volunteer day on The Greenway with another organization, the requested fee is a minimum of $1000. For corporations who wish to have a dedicated volunteer experience for up to 30 volunteers, the fee is a minimum of $1,750. While we are happy to discuss the form that this fee can take, in 2019 a commitment will be required before your volunteer event is booked.

Often this type of contribution can be requested through your organization’s corporate communications office. If you need assistance in making this request, let us know!

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