Past Exhibitions

Check out some of the past exhibitions on the Greenway. The art is always changing, so come back to see what's new!

Luftwerk, 2018

Luftwerk’s artwork titled Transition traces a portion of the Greenway path as it shines a light—both literally and metaphorically—on this connective artery in the city.

Shara Hughes, 2018

Shara Hughes’ imaginary landscapes plunge viewers into boldly colored, hallucinatory spaces. Here, sweeping trails of paint frame views of a dramatic waterfall, carved rock formations, and a winding river. 

GLOW, 2018

Eight historic neon signs from local businesses c.1925-1970 that served as iconic landmarks throughout the communities of Massachusetts.

Risa Puno, 2018

Year of the Dog celebrates the characteristics of the current Chinese zodiac animal and honors the collective memory and experiences of the Chinatown community.

Anne Lilly, 2018

It is the merest suggestion of a building: four columns and beams are the only structure, a shifting eight-mirror canopy the only ceiling, four wooden boards with headrests the only furniture. 

Aakash Nihalani, 2017

Using a variety of mediums from masking tape to metal, Aakash Nihalani creates minimalist geometric forms on two-dimensional planes that simulate three-dimensional interactive experiences.

Chris Templeman, 2017

Make and Take is a joyful celebration of creation that is meant to spark discussion about how things were, are, and can be made.

Mark Reigelman, 2017

The Meeting House takes inspiration from the simple architecture of the area’s first colonial settlers and was fabricated using traditional materials and techniques.

Meredith James, 2017

Meredith James’ sculpture is an optical illusion called an Ames room - a three-walled trapezoidal room built with a false perspective. What seems a believable space becomes implausible when a person walking from one side of the room to the other appears to grow or shrink. 

Mehdi Ghadyanloo, 2016

Spaces Of Hope, 2016
The Greenway Wall at Dewey Square Park

Kawandeep Virdee, 2016

Pink Lines as Concentric Arches on Yellow (Boston Bloom)

Ai Weiwei, 2016

From late April to late October 2016, The Greenway will present Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads by internationally acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei (pronounced “eye way way”) around the Rings Fountain in the Wharf District between Central and Milk Streets.

The Cause Collective, 2016

In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth) is an installation comprised of a touring, portable, inflatable 'Truth Booth' which was installed on The Greenway in April 2016.

Don Kennell, 2016

The Greenway Conservancy’s vision for public art is to bring contemporary art to Boston through free, temporary exhibitions along The Greenway. Curated by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Monkey See is part of a yearly rotational exhibit based upon the animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Matthew Hoffman, 2016

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy has commissioned a new temporary text-based artwork by Chicago-based artist and designer Matthew Hoffman.

Carolina Aragón, 2016

High Tide is an abstracted marsh landscape that seeks to bring attention to the shifting boundary between land and water along Boston’s shoreline. Inspired by a marsh during high tide when the grasses are flooded by water, the installation speaks of the city’s changing shoreline.

Gianna Stewart, 2016

Midden: A pile of refuse, chiefly containing shells

When The Big Dig was underway in Boston, several midden were unearthed. The ancient trash heaps revealed much about those who roamed these sites before us. Often the shells grew larger towards the bottom of the piles, artifacts from before oysters were harvested as abundantly. Left alone, an oyster never stops growing.

Halsey Burgund, 2016

From the Mouths of Monkeys, 2016
8-channel audio installation

Lawrence Weiner, 2015

The Conservancy, in partnership with the MIT List Visual Arts Center, has commissioned a new temporary mural by internationally acclaimed artist Lawrence Weiner for the Greenway Wall. The mural will be on display through August 2016.

Janet Echelman, 2015

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy brought to Boston a monumental sculpture, As If It Were Already Here, from internationally renowned local artist, Janet Echelman. This incredible installation created a must-see art experience for visitors from near and far from May 3 to October 25, 2015.

Kyu Seok Oh, 2015

Wandering Sheep by Kyu Seok Oh was installed in Chinatown Park from June to October, 2015, as part of The Greenways ongoing Chinese Zodiac series.

Shinique Smith, Gesture III: One Great Turning, 2015

The Conservancy commissioned Shinique Smith, the artist behind The Greenway's third Greenway Wall mural (Seven Moon Junction), to create a new performance work. Filmed in Dewey Square Park in 2015.

Shinique Smith, 2014

The third mural on The Greenway Wall in Dewey Square Park was Seven Moon Junction, by Shinique Smith.

Matthew Ritchie, 2013

Matthew Richie's Remanence: Salt and Light (Part II), 2013 was the second mural installation on the Greenway Wall at Dewey Square.

Color Commons, 2013

Color Commons was an interactive public art  work by artist collective, New American Public Art. The artwork allowed the public to change the color of the Light  Blades by sending text messages to them.

Georgie Friedman, 2012

Georgie Friedman created two video installations, Overhead Current and Electrified Sky for a one night exhibition at the Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Os Gemeos Mural, 2012

A 70' x 70' temporary mural by Os Gemeos, brazilian twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. The mural became known as "The Giant of Boston".

Urban Garden, 2011

A temporary exhibition featuring the work of artists, Tom Otterness, John Ruppert and James Surls. The exhibition was curated by deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. 

Modern Dance, 2010

Modern Dance, by Boston artist, Jacob Kulin, was a temporary sculpture on the Greenway's Urban Arboretum in the Wharf District Park.

Big Hammock, 2010

The Big Hammock, brainchild of artist and architect Hansy Better Barraza appeared on the Greenway in the Summer of 2010.

Botanica, 2009

Botanica by George Sherwood was a 35' tall stainless steel sculpture exhibited across from Rowes Wharf Plaza from July 2009 - December 2010.

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