Currently on The Greenway

Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Spaces Of Hope, 2016
The Greenway Wall at Dewey Square Park

Chris Templeman

Make and Take is a joyful celebration of creation that is meant to spark discussion about how things were, are, and can be made.

Matthew Hoffman

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy has commissioned a new temporary text-based artwork by Chicago-based artist and designer Matthew Hoffman.

Gianna Stewart

Midden: A pile of refuse, chiefly containing shells

When The Big Dig was underway in Boston, several midden were unearthed. The ancient trash heaps revealed much about those who roamed these sites before us. Often the shells grew larger towards the bottom of the piles, artifacts from before oysters were harvested as abundantly. Left alone, an oyster never stops growing.

Kawandeep Virdee

Pink Lines as Concentric Arches on Yellow (Boston Bloom)

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