Park Features

Historical Sites

Chinatown Gate

Also located in Chin Park, a traditional Chinatown gate (paifong), a gift from the city Taipei, is a symbolic entryway for visitors and immigrants who settle in the area. Two imperial guardian foo dogs guard the front of the paifong.

Free WiFi

Free carrier-grade wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available on The Greenway, one of the largest free networks in the Commonwealth!  Look for the “Greenway” wireless network on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and start surfing. 

Through a partnership with Neutral Connect Networks (NCN), Greenway Wi-Fi is provided on a high-speed backbone from Towerstream. Users have a 802.11ac broadband experience with Ruckus equipment purpose-built to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

How to access

To access the Greenway Wi-Fi network, first enable your device’s Wi-Fi, then configure your device to use the “Greenway” network (SSID). 

Because this is a public network, data transmitted is not secure. It is highly recommended that you use VPN if you want to connect to your office or other sensitive networks. Connecting to SSL (https) websites is also safe on public networks. Please read our Terms of Usage.

If you experience any issues, please contact us.

Park Ranger

The Greenway has a park ranger program that regularly deploys these important staff members throughout the park to provide a number of important functions.

Drinking Fountain

There is one public drinking fountain on The Greenway, located adjacent to the Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion (along Surface Street, near State Street.) The fountain has three functions - water bottle fill-up, a conventional drinking spout, and a ground-level dish for your four-legged friend! Note: Fountain is not active during the winter.

Light Blades

Every night, twelve vertical glass and steel sculptures illuminate the Wharf District Parks plaza between Milk and India Streets with joyful colors.  This unique system of LED lights is programmed to show up to 16.7 million different colors, along with an array of patterns, speed and intensity.

As part of the Winter Lights series, New American Public Art has created an interactive program that allows park users to change the color of the light blades through a text message to 617-208-4455.

Winter Lights

Winter Lights on The Greenway are a number of lighting displays intended to bring warmth and cheer to The Greenway during the darkest part of the year. Installations can be seen across The Greenway from December through mid-March.

PlayCubes Playground

We are thrilled to partner with Design Museum Boston and Playworld  to bring temporary play structures to Chin Park as part of Design Museum Foundations Extraordinary Playscapes program!

PlayCubes, iconic cuboctahedrons designed by Richard Dattner, leave the play experience up to the child's creativity and imagination.

Essex Street Gate

The Essex Street Gate located in Chin Park serves as the Southern start of the Greenway, and welcomes visitors to the Parks.  A contemporary red gateway symbolizing celebration and good fortune, and serving as a modern counterpoint to the traditional gate at Beach Street, the stylized sampan sail sculpture represents the passage of the Chinese to Boston.

Mothers' Walk

The Mothers’ Walk is a pathway in the Greenway’s Wharf District Parks that consists of 2,500 pavers inscribed with names and personal messages. The title wall, near the Rings Fountain, features the name of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, as well as Charlotte R. Bloomberg, whose son, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, contributed a generous gift towards the Mothers’ Walk in her honor.

If you are looking for a specific inscribed paver, the location can be found using our online paver locator. If you would like to dedicate a paver, you may do so with a $500 donation, and inscribe a paver to your loved one and become part of Boston’s history on The Greenway.

Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion

Located in the Wharf District Parks, The Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion is an open-air pavilion staffed by National Park Service rangers welcoming visitors and providing helpful information about the Greenway, the Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands. Ferry tickets and Boston Harbor Islands park merchandise are available for purchase at the pavilion.

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